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Larix / Larch

´Weeping´ European Larch

Larix decidua ´Pendula´

European Larch
Zone 3-7
4"-6"/ year
8´-10´ (staked)/ 10 years
pendulous, mounding, (staked

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´Varied Direction´ hybrid Larch

Larix eurolepsis´ Varied Directions´

Hybird Larch
Zone 4-7
4"-6"/ year
6´-8´/ 10 years
upright, irregular

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´Romberg Park´ Dahurian Larch

Larix gmelinii ´Romberg Park´

Dahurian Larch
Zone 4-7
1"-2"/ year
12"-15"/ 10 years
minature, globose

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´Diana´ Japanese Larch

Larix kaempferi ´Diana´

Japanese Larch
Zone 5-8
6"-8"/ year
15´-20´/ 10 years
upright pyramidal

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´Steuben´ American Larch

Larix laricina ´Steuben´

American Larch/Tamarack Larch
Zone 4-7
1"-3"/ year
2´-3´/ 10 years
minature, irregular

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