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Abies concolor ´Blue Cloak´

´Blue Cloak´ White fir

White Fir
Zone: 4-7
6"-10" /year
8´-10´ @ 10 years
upright, pyramidal
full sun to partial sun
well-drained soil

´Blue Cloak´ is a full-bodied, upright pyramidal White Fir. It has a bluer color than A.c. ´Select´, and is much fuller than Abies c. ´Candicans´. These characteristics make it our best selling form of the upright Abies concolor varieties. ´Blue Cloak´ will typically grow 6"-10" a year, to a 10 year height of approximately 8´-10´. This fir is a beautiful addition to the medium or large garden area, as well as to certain small garden areas.

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