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Tsuga canadensis ´Gentsch White´

Canadian Hemlock
Zone 4-7
2"-4"/ year
6´-8´/ 10 years
dwarf, broad upright

The forest is a land with many personas. Longfellow´s "Forest Primeval" and Shakespeare´s allusion to "Diana´s foresters, gentlemen of the shade, minions of the moon", suggest an ancient, even eerie setting. If such is the case, ´Gentsch White´ well be considered as out of place.  This slow growing broad shrub has dainty, white-tipped foliage.  ´Gentch White´ may be thought of as an elfin light, providing a cozy comfortable bit of light and color in this rather dark and foreboding scene.  ´Gentch White´, with its size and color, is a perfect choice for the small and medium size shaded garden area.

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