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Thuja plicata ´Can-Can´

Western Red Cedar
Zone 5-8
6"-10"/ year
8´-10´/ 10 years
upright, columnar, semi-dwarf

There are no plants that just stop at eight feet tall but ´Can-Can´ comes close in the landscape. For years both Eastern and Western Red Cedars have been looked at as fast growing green screens in the landscape. A cultivated variety like ´Can-Can´ hasn´t been as widely produced and not used as frequently.

With an intense dark green foliage ´Can-Can´ has a richness in color that no other Arb can provide. Used as a slower growing screen it can provide a great backdrop for bright colored companion plants. Planted in a row it also provides a chance to plant a beautiful red weeping maple at the end of the row on a corner.

Not only the deep color of ´Can-Can´ make it a winner but its slower growth rate. ´Green Giant´ is perfect choice where a fast growing screen is needed with ample room to grow, while ´Can-Can´ is a better choice in smaller landscapes that still need a screen. The slower growth rate and new growth that emerges with bright yellow tips also makes ´Can-Can´ a better choice for a garden. The slower growth rate also makes ´Can-Can´ easier to prune and maintain its size in the landscape.

In the garden, used as a screen, or hedge ´Can-Can´ also provides a more deer resistant choice than the eastern green arborvitae. All of these features come together to make "Can-Can´ a "can-do" plant in your garden or landscape.

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