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Acer palmatum ´Atrolineare´ (Filifera Purpurea)

Japanese Maple
Zone: 5-8
10´ @ 10 year
6"-8" /year
Upright, vase-shaped - partial shade

The name of this variety, ´Atrolineare´, refers to it´s red color, and the deeply divided leaves -a characteristic referred to as "linearilobum".  This beautiful, vase-shaped maple will get to be about 13´-15´ tall.  Its red coloring really shines from the spring to the early summer, but there is an added bonus of an outstanding red display in the fall, as well. As with all of our maples, warmer climates will dictate that these trees be planted in an area where they receive at least partial shade in the afternoons, or mottled sunlight throughout the day, in order to look their best.

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