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Acer palmatum ´Okushimo´

Japanese Maple
Zone 5-8
10´-12´ @ 10 years
6"-10"/ year
Upright, vase-shaped - partial shade

´Okushimo´ is an older, valued maple variety, with records of it in production back to the early 1700´s.  The most unusually striking feature of this green, vase shaped treasure, is the shape of its leaves.  The deeply cut leaves roll upward at the edges, creating an open, tapered,  tube-like appearance.  The moderately vigorous new growth of ´Okushimo´ will be filled in by smaller branches, for a full appearance.  That new growth may be trimmed back, if desired, to modify the rate of growth.  As with all of our maples, warmer climates may necessitate them being placed in a garden area where they will receive at least partial shade in the afternoons, or mottled sunlight throughout the day, in order to look their best.

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