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Acer palmatum ´Shindeshojo´

Japanese Maple
Zone: 5-8
8´ @ 10 years
4"-6" /year
shrub - partial shade

´Shindeshojo´ is an attractive "shrub-type" Japanese maple that will grow to be as wide as it is tall.  The fine branching on this diminutive delight, showing bright crimson for weeks in the spring, will eventually blend into pinks and bronzy greens, finishing with a flourish of oranges, pinks and reds in autumn. Its size, shape and multiple color displays, make ´Shindeshojo´ an outstanding choice for the small to medium garden area.  Care should be taken, however, to place this variety in a spot where there is afternoon shade, or mottled sunlight throughout the day, in order to look their best.

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