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Juniperus x-media ´Daub´s Frosted´

Hybrid Juniper
Zone 4-8
5´  wide @ 10 years
3"-6" /year
Low, mounding

´Daub´s Frosted´ is a dwarf, low mounding variety that we have grafted on to a low (12"-18" high) standard to pick it up off of the ground.  Its color changes from green in spring, to a more golden, lime green mix as the summer progresses.  It is a slow growing plant that will not over-take a space, rather offer a beautiful patch of color and texture to contrast with its companions in the garden.  It can be used in groups along a bank or walkway, or as a singular point of interest.  It is drought tolerant, and needs some sun exposure to reach its colorful potential.

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