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Pinus koraiensis ´Silveray´

Korean Pine
Zone: 5-8
8´ @ 10 years
4"-6" /year
Upright, pyramidal

´Silveray´ is a multi talented performer that is suitable for the medium to larger garden, or landscape area.  Its long needles are a symphony of perfectly blended colors with silver, blue and green all present, creating a wonderful affect.  Its form is fairly compact, and with the beautiful soft foliage, sets the stage as a peaceful, meandering waltz as it waves in the breeze.  Like a good composer, however,  ´Silveray´s´ object is not to lull you to sleep. The senses will be shaken from their restful contemplation by the "sforzando" blast of percussion, supplied by the wonderful, tight blue green cones, that are perfect little ´wow!´ surprises.  This attractive performer will make beautiful music for friends and family alike, each and every day of the year.

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