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Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) ´Smidt´

Bosnian Pine
Zone; 5-8
3´ @ 10 years
1"-2" /year
miniature bun

Cute...adorable....precious... When you see this darling little plant in the rock garden, or small garden area, you too, will feel like a grandmother fawning over her first grandchild.  ´Schmidt´ is a miniature compact that only grows about 1" a year.  This incredibly tight, oval shaped bun is positively loaded with short needles, that are that rich deep green color so often found on Bosnian pines. Attractive brown buds are yet another special feature of this dainty delight. With all of that texture and color, on a plant that will stay the perfect size, ´Schmidt´ is an absolute gem of an addition to any rock garden, or small garden area! 

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