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Cedrus deodara ´Miles High´

Himalayan Cedar
Zone: 6-9
6"-10" /year
15´-20´ /10 years

´Miles High´, like ´Kashmir´, is an upright growing deodara cedar - with a few differences.  Perhaps one could consider it a slightly unorthodox, "funky" cousin.  ´Miles High´ is a little slower growing than ´Kashmir´, with a slightly irregular shape - a little twist from the straight upright here and there, the occasional arm that feels a need to demonstrate its individuality from the rist of the plant… we like to say that it has "character".  Another difference is that the needles on the slightly irregular branches tend to radiate outward whereas those on the ´Kashmir tend to lay closer to the branch.  ´Miles High´ is an attractive focal point and conversation piece for the middle sized and larger garden.

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