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Cedrus deodara ´Prostrata´

Himalayan Cedar
Zone: 6-9
4"-6" /year
8´-10´ /10 years
staked upright, pendulous

A ground cover "wannabe".  That phrase can be used to describe Cedrus deodara ´Prostrata´.  Although its natural tendency is to creep to and fro at ground level, we stake these spreading sensations to various heights, then let them weep naturally.  Not only does this bring this variety into a different horizontal plane to contrast with other low-lying annuals and perennials in the garden, but, if staked out further horizontally, it can be used as a screen around hot tubs or pools, or to set apart parts of a garden area.  This "ground cover that isn´t" is a very attractive and versatile addition to any garden setting.

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