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Cedrus deodara ´Shalimar´

Himalayan Cedar
Zone: 5-9
8"-12"/ year
12´-15´/ 10 years
upright, pyramidal, pendulous

The word "deodara" is from the Sanskrit term meaning "wood of the gods". This graceful, upright, narrow pyramid is a fitting example of that phrase.  With its long, flowing form and pendulous blue green foliage, it is easy to understand the reverence paid to this species by people of the Far East.  ´Shalimar is also one of the hardier deodaras.  The original seed came from the Shalimar gardens in India, but its ancestry can be traced to the mountains of Afghanistan.  Cold hardy and  beautiful, ´Shalimar´ will be an outstanding focal point in the large garden area.

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