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Russell´s Nursery grows some of the best plants in the world for you to create 365 Days of Color in your garden. From beautiful color and texture of evergreen conifers to the elegant form and brightness of Japanese maples, we provide all of these great plants to independent garden centers across North America.

Our 30 years of experience growing plants has led us to growing some of the most beautiful and unique plants you´ve ever seen, and we work with our retailers to offer the best quality plants possible for your area. All of our plants our field grown and are part of our Soil-to-Soil hand harvested production techniques. You will notice these plants have lived their lives in soil and have lived under the same weather elements they will experience in your garden. As we like to say, each plant we grow is from our soil to yours.

Growing over 400 unique plants we want to make sure that the story of these great plants gets told in a fun and informative way. To do this, we have several fantastic groups of plants like our Small Wonders and Eternal Beauty Japanese Maples. When you visit select garden centers each spring, you´ll see these great stories being told.

Also, be sure to take advantage of our Add to Garden program feature on each plant page where you can preorder plants for spring at your local garden center.

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