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Planting a tree

How to Plant a Tree

- Getting Started

Many problems can be avoided with a new plant by  proper planting. Our plants are grown in the native soil at our nursery and live in the elements beforethey are shipped to nurseries and garden centers. This should give you confidence that if plants can thrive in our soil throughout the year they will be able to do the same in yours. These simple planting instructions below are the first step to getting your new plant off to the best start you can.

- Start Digging

1. Dig a hole two to three times as wide as the root ball.
2. Dig the hole no deeper than the size of the ball.
3. Use the same soil from digging out the hole and break it up to a fine texture, then fill in around the ball ¾ to the top of the ball.
4. Cut twine and remove from trunk, then peel back burlap 6 inches or 1/3 of the root ball.
5. Fill hole with water to top of ball.
6. Take shovel and work around the ball with up and down motion to remove air
7. Add remaining native soil.
8. Top dress with top soil or fertilizer.
9. Apply mulch 1-3 inches deep, 4-6 inches from the trunk.

- When to Plant

Remember to check with the experts at your local nursery or garden center where you buy your
Russell´s Nursery plants for information specific to your area.

Spring: Typically Spring provides one of the best times of year to plant. Mild temperatures and ample rainfall allow for tender new growth to acclimate and roots to seek out nutrients and moisture.

Summer: Depending on where you live in the country, Summer can provide numerous challenges. As temperatures increase and monthly rainfall totals fall, you will have to water more frequently. If you are prepared to provide extra care, you can plant in summer, but it is best to avoid it, if not.

Fall: As temperatures begin to lower in the Fall and days get shorter, another window can open to add plants to your garden. Early frost can be a problem in the Fall, but the more time you have to plant before that first frost date, the more beneficial it will be.

Winter: In most climates, Winter is not the time to plant. When the ground is frozen not only is it difficult to dig, but roots do not grow in ground that is below freezing temperatures.

- Questions
If you have any questions before you plant, be sure to contact your local Russell´s Nursery retailer or you can email us with your questions.


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