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Cedrus atlantica ´Glauca Pendula´

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar
Zone: 6-9
6"-10" /year
8´-10´ /10 years
upright, staked, topiary

We stake this plant up to form these cedars into a variety of shapes: The "Serpentine" form is trained into a graceful "S" shape, with the plants light green foliage weeping toward the ground from the curves.  The "Arch" form is grown straitght upright, then gently trained over in a weeping candy cane shape. The "Horizontal" form is frown up to a height of between 3´ and 5´ then trained outward, horizontally to the ground, again with the weeping foliage falling from the horizontal form.  The " Double Horizontal" is somewhat shorter (2´-4´)  and two leaders are trained horizontally outward from the trunk .  All unique forms, and very versitile in their use in the garden.

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